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of New York

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DANY Leadership



Claire F. Rush


Thomas E. Liptak

Vice President

James Fiedler

Corporate Secretary

Glenn A. Kaminska

Assistant Corporate Secretary

Steven R. Dyki



Kevin Faley

Assistant Treasurer

Patrick W. Kenny

Chair  -  Board of Directors  /
   Immediate Past President

Bradley J. Corsair
(917) 363-5698

Executive Staff

Executive Director

Concetta A. McClenin


  • Steven J. Baker
  • James M. Begley*
  • Eileen Buholtz
  • Patrick Butler**
  • Karen L. Campbell
  • Julian D. Ehrlich*
  • Anne Marie Esposito
  • James J. Feretic
  • Brendan Fitzpatrick
  • Seth Frankel
  • Timothy Gallagher
  • Daniel Gerber
  • Ethan B. Gerber
  • Douglas J. Hayden
  • Timothy J. Keane*
  • Kevin Kelly*
  • Patrick W. Kenny
  • Andrew Klauber 
  • Teresa A. Klaum*
  • Margaret G. Klein*
  • Thomas M. Laquercia
  • Thomas J. Maroney*
  • Anthony D. Martine
  • John J. McDonough*
  • Roger P. McTiernan, Jr.
  • Thomas K. Moore
  • James P. O'Connor*
  • Patrick J. Pickett
  • Rona L. Platt
  • Vincent P. Pozzuto*
  • Brian Rayhill*
  • Gary Rome*
  • Mirna Santiago
  • Lawton W. Squires*
  • Richard Steer
  • Orla G. Thompson**
  • James T. Whalen
  • Heather Wiltshire Clement*
  • Andrew Zajac*

* Denotes Board members who are past Presidents.  DANY was formed in 1965.  Click here for the full list of DANY Past Presidents and their terms of office:  DANY Past Presidents, 1965 - 2022 

** Denotes Young Lawyer Board members

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Executive Director

Concetta A. McClenin

The Defense Association of New York, Inc.
Executive Offices
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New York, NY 10274-0950
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Defense Association of New York
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Phone: 212-313-3657

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